Two fluids (inflow)

Hi there.

I need to make simulation of the “spinning” icecream. I know about Flip Fluids or internat fluid simulators, but i need to do two materials as an inflow. Just make spin two flavours icecream (chocolade and vanilla). :slight_smile: Have anybody some tip how can I do that? See the image below. 575929b481ca2_13405288_10209607073764545_1040464194_o|233x500

Thank you.

The basic fluid simulator can’t do two materials with fluid interaction yet. What you can do is simulate one fluid object, lock it down and use that as the collision object for another fluid object. Then you will have two objects which can each have their own material.
This old video shows the basic work flow.

I knew that video, but it can be use in spinning icecream because two flavours is interacting between each other when is spinning inside each other.