Two Fold Problem : Image Node disappearing Z-depth and proper background transition

The first problem I have. I’m using a multi-layer exr file as a the image input for rendering. There are the follow inputs cargroundimage, cargroundZ, cargroundimagematidx, skylayerimage, skylayerZ from two layers carground and sky. Here is the problem.

Problem 1

  1. When I open the image filename0033 the node output a single layer with all the inputs.
  2. When I open the image filename0001 the node output two layers (carground and sky) with the inputs of the specific layer BUT cargroundZ and skylayerZ inputs are MISSING!! I need the Z for proper compositing.

I can only render single images but not a animation because of it. I will show you the node I’m referring to.

Problem 2

I have two layers with alpha as mentioned cargroundimage and skylayerimage. I was able to separate them and merge them BUT I get a line of odd pixels in the horizon. I think it could transition better BUT I’m not sure how. The original image does not have it so I think its something with the node setup.

Problem 3

The ground texture looks like a pattern.

The first two horizon are the goal. The third shows what the texture goal for the ground.

The ground texture.

Didn’t you forget to attach something?
At the moment understanding your issue seems possible only when sitting at your computer.

I didn’t. I’m not at my computer at the moment. I will upload the blend and the images this evening.

This is the node in the composition scene file .blend. I will post a second message with the links to the .blend and .exr files.


The .blend is at

The .exr on the right is

The .exr on the left is

I hope this helps. Its the only thing from finishing up this scene and animating it.

Vivienne Anthony

Ok, let me at first explain the above issue:
Try to treat this input exactly as you treat input Render Layer.
Simply select the proper render layer from the popup:

I’ll come back to the rest of issues later.

Thank you for responding. I think that is what I did but still the cargroundz is missing.

Just duplicate this node and change render layer to the one you need. It’s not possible to access passes from different render layers in the same node. We have to make copies.

That is what I am doing. Maybe I am not describing the problem right. There is two nodes.

Node A - points to the carground render layer
cargroundimage (pass)

Node B - points to the skylayer

When I select “Node A” with the carground render layer. I cannot select the cargroundz pass because it does not show up.

If you see the image0033.exr node in the main message. You’ll see its there.

Although, it’s there.

“Depth”. That’s how Z-Pass is called after rendering to MultiLayer EXR.

I was tinkering with blender and figured that. I modified the nodes to include that. A few other changes allows me better control of the horizon and foreground independently. I have not messed with creating a good random cracked ground texture yet.

The node setup which I used to change the gradients/