Two gpu and out of memory message

Hello there. My system has two gtx 760 with 2 GB each. They are not in sli mode. Blender is configured correctly for two gtx.
If my scene in cycles consumes more than 2 gb I get the message out of memory.
Is there any option to set Blender to divide the memory consumption between the two gpu?


Unfortunately not. The scene has to be completely loaded into each card and has to fit into the respective card’s available memory. So, you can only use 2 GB VRAM for rendering.

An additional note, if you have one card with 4GB and another with 1GB, you will be limited by the lowest memory card so you will be limited to just 1GB for your scene.

About out of memory. Is GTX 760 supported by Blender 2.72 and earlier? If it is, try using those versions, because this:

Blender 2.72:

Thank you so much IkariShingi, Richard and YAFU. Well, that is a pity.

Try reducing the size of your textures, baking them or breaking the scene down in different render layers/passes for later compositing. Otherwise you can use CPU rendering. Not as fast as GPU sometimes, but it can use all of your available RAM.

I’ve heard that there are plans to allow GPU rendering to get around this limit(either use system RAM or use the VRAM on all cards). Any ballpark estimate on when about this is expected to be included?

Hi, I am not aware of any plan to do this for Cycles.
I know this feature from Octane, there it call “Out of core memory”.
You can use your system RAM for textures, VRAM only store geometry, so it is possible for Cuda render engines.

Cheers, mib