Two heads and a suit of armor needed.

Thanks for reading my posting.

I need a female alien head (face is basically humanoid, head is humanoid shaped, just skin texture and certain appointments on head are alien). I have two options (depending on price and modeler’s skill and creativity). In a perfect world, I’d like to provide reference pics I have to provide a “theme” for the head without constraining the artist to make it precisely like the references. The 2nd option would be that I have reference pics where the modeler could load them up and make the head, face etc. EXACTLY like the references. If you’re wondering about the level of detail, the alien species has a “reptilian” quality and I want the skin textures to have a hint of that dimply, maybe slightly rough aspect that lizards have to their skin. Not PRECISELY like a lizard but definitely some contour to it.
The second thing I need is a futuristic suit of armor that goes with the female head (already have the body). I have a reference pic and the armor can be modeled exactly like the picture, with only changes to the color. It has ridged pieces and multiples “plate-like” divisions, but otherwise it’s fairly smooth without any doo-dads sticking out all over, etc.

The last thing I need is a male human head of a guy is his mid-late 40s who looks like he’s been through hell and back. Should have scoring on his head from either burn/electrical/assault injury. Kind of a “Snake from Metal Gear” quality but at little more beaten up than that.

I hope that’s enough information. These models can be quoted all together or will happily sub-divide the tasks for the right guy or girl. The female head and armor I need ASAP and the male head I need in 4-6 weeks.

One last thing. With the UTMOST respect to your talents which I’ve seen and been completely impressed by, unless your website, portfolio, etc looks like a professional “I’ve been doing this awhile” look to it, I’m not doing any of the “Pay half now, pay half later” stuff. I’ve been burned by this already on BA unfortunately. I pay half, dude does half the work then gets another better-paying but time-consuming gig and says “Sorry dude, here’s the half-done model and oh, don’t worry about the rest”. Well, I guess that’s all well and good but I STILL have a half-done model, or whatever it is.
Anyway, if it’s BLINDINGLY obvious that you’re a serious professional who’s been doing this and LOOKS like he’ll take pride in the job and see it through to completion, then we could work something out. But if you’re a talented but inexperienced artist in the field, I"ll happily pay for completed work. If needed, I will provide references to several people from BA who will vouch that I pay for services promptly and without hesitation.

Thanks again, have a nice day.

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Do you have anything like concept art for this?

I’ve sent you a PM, please check your inbox.

Thanks for everyone’s inquiries. The jobs have been filled.