Two hulls house nestled on the coastel landscape

Hi all
Here is some renders from my latest project. It is made for The Achitecture Academy competition.

The house exists in fact in Canada and is design by Mackay Lyons Sweetable Architects.

I also have plan to do some interiors renders later but here is som final exterior shoots.
Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Rendered with Cycles 1200 samples

Great job!!! Very photorealistic. Good composition. WOW!!

Nice Job! I like the composition.

Amazing overall. The grass looks so good.

I have seen your first pictures also on Architecture Academy
The first picture is my favorite.
But you have a tree three times on the left site, which is very visible for me.
But the rest is very good.

Congratulations! it is very realistic as rendered and good job.

this is going to sound odd, but the jet trails really make it seem like its in the real world.

Great to see so many of us Architecture Academy people appearing on here with our work. Awesome work as usual lucblend!

Amazing work.

You did a really great job here. I like the composition and the lighting very much. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for all you comments :slight_smile:
I am not satisfied with all in my renders, but i have that deadline to comply.
Working now on a blue hour shoots of the house, an maybe some interors as wel.

Those rocks and grass are exceptionally good! Amazing work, 5 stars no question.

great work-nice compositions.nice to see such quality Archviz from blender+cycles.were the rocks made with addon?

Very nice ! :slight_smile:

Kind regards

A.W.E.S.O.M.E. After see it I will do the architecture Academy! how I can join?

Awsome, still at module 2 of the AA. Man this is good!

Beautifull pictures! Very good composition. The second one is my favorite. Great environment. 5* :wink:

Thanks. And thanks for the stars :slight_smile:
Coro: right now The Architecture Academy is closed but i think it will reopen in January 2014.
AniMeAniBe: Thanks ,you work is always a good inspiration to me.

Here is the house in an evening/blue hour shoot.
Hope you like it. :slight_smile:

Hi Lucblend
I always irl suggest lamps where you dont look into the light… See the bulb… Must suggest this also in cg :wink: suggest “covered” lamp that lits up the concreate and ground instead. And less glow :wink: