Two indigo-rendered images

Hi all,
This is my first post here, though I have been using Blender for some time now. I generally post in the Indigo forum but I thought I’d drop by and do a bit of campaigning for the Blender+Indigo duo. I’ve got more images on my website (, 95 per cent of which were done with these two apps.
Here are two of my most recent pieces, using Blender 245 and Indigo 0.9 to 1.0. Hope you like them. Comments, criticism and suggestions warmly welcome.


I love the first image nice job!

The materials and lighting are great and I love the first image (even though I’m not quite sure what it is), but in the second image the nearest chair looks like it’s floating a little. Other than that great job!!!

Wow…veeery nice…

Wow…veeery nice…both images are very well done. I especcialy like the first…

Wow…veeery nice…both images are very well done. I especially like the first…

Wow…veeery nice…both images are very well done. I especially like the first one, the materials are perfect.

Wow, Sorry to go off topic here, but I just have to…

“Four Double Posts!!!” ( or rather I guess that would be Two Double Posts… :smiley: ), how in the world did you mange that Francesco? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ontopic, I really like them, although I like the one on the left better.


Thankyou for posting here Bertando! Its a pity you were met by a quadruple poster, i hope that doesn’t put you off this site, but im glad i asked you to post here. Its nice when some real talent comes along.

I’d like to say great work once again on the Skirmish piece, and that you have a truly excellent website gallery.

Edit, what did you use to make this one?

Very nice,
it has a bit of an abstract feel, but the robots with only one leg, and the chairs with only 2 legs, but it is your world,
again nice renders,and materials, and models

Both renders look very high quality to me. I love the robot thing, although I don’t really understand what it is :slight_smile:

One suggestion: maybe (in the room render) the foreground chair should overlap the background chair a bit so that it doesn’t look like the one in the back only ‘has two legs’.

Nice to see you over here on Blenderartist, BbB! As ALWAYS, excellent work! Its also awesome to see more and more Indigo renders here…

While both scenes are are modeled excellently, and your mats are nice, they lack your usual flair for composition.

For the two scene (in order), excelent and excelent!

Thanks a lot, guys, for the kind words. I agree, those are not my best-composed images. They just happened to be my latest ones (which I guess means I’m getting worse :eek:)

Seriously. Both robots and chairs have enough legs to account for the law of physics. They are just cleverly hidden. :o

Hey Animal, thanks for the tip. “Cloudscape” was made with Terragen2, a wonderful but highly puzzling app, which by the way is going into final release in January. So if you want to get it on the cheap, rush now!

Verry nice! 8 )

I missed the link to your website the first time through, and after looking at it I must say WOW, nice work. Many of those images are photorealistic. (I especially love the shot of the jug thing from 3 angles:cool:)
Why don’t you post more of these on the forum?

Thanks Blenditall. Much appreciated. I should indeed post here more often. The kind comments have certainly encouraged me to do so.

The chair looks like it only has 2 legs (does it?) and I’m not sure what the robot thing is, but you have some great work. I might try that terragen program too because cloudscape looks great.

Hi Doublez. The chair has three legs, as you can see on this test render. It was modelled from an existing chair called “The Embryo”. I screw up my shot composition so it does look like it has only two legs. My fault.
You should definitely get your hands on Terragen2. But hurry. It will go commercial on January 4th and the price will increase as of February 15th.


Oooh, thats what its supposed to look like. Really funky design it looks great, but for a chair you lean back in i can pretty much garentee you’d fall off it. Lol.