Two into One (Scene)

Probably a noobish Question, and i have had a look around,

I have made two models, guns with texture and their own armatures, i need to load them into one scene (eventualy with more models too) with the intention of animating, but i can’t find how to get both models into one scene with their armatures intact, i have had a play with some export/import methods but to no avail, (apart from once where it added several bones and seperate armatures).

Any help will be greatly apreciated, as im at the start of a large project.


Shift+F1 to append the objects from one blend to another

Grouping the objects together from their original file works too.

Wicked so simple but i totaly over looked that, it worked perfectly thankyou guys,
this is what i was on about anyway if your interested. the triggers hammers etc… and the accesorys are poseable.