Two issues

Hey guys, I seem to have run into two difficult issues that I cannot resolve.

1, The first issue involves following this tutorial:

The model file:!AtUwonlWFY1HhSxvBLpps1xQv5iO

Everything was going just fine, until I reached the end of the tutorial and used the parents with automatic rigging feature. My mesh is horrendously disfigured around the leg area and I tried to follow that fellow’s weight painting tutorial, but there are so many
things I don’t understand. Why is my whole model blue when bones are actively parented to the mesh? Why is it that every time I click the bones, nothing happens?

I have made it a point to understand the weight painting but for the mean time, how can I fix the leg deformation using weight painting?

2, The second issue involves curves. I have this dinosaur and I wanted to add a bezier curve modifier on his tail so that it can swirl around in a snake like motion, intended for animations. Unfortunately all my attempts at trying to get this to work failed.

The model file:!AtUwonlWFY1HhSe86EJ4eJshFOTS

A, I created the bezier curve, and tried to implement it into the tail portion of the mesh by going into edit mode, selecting the tail portion, going into modifier and adding the bezier curve directly on the selected segments. For some unknown reason it just causes the whole mesh to deform in edit mode.

B, Tried deleting the whole body of the dinosaur mesh and leaving the tail behind, so that I can try implementing the curve on the tail without any chances of glitches occurring due to the whole body. Unfortunately, all the dinosaur’s data is still present in the tail and I cannot figure out how to clear it all up, let alone make it an empty mesh to implement the curve on.

C. I tried following this tutorial with the intent of making a new tail using a cylinder mesh that comes fully rigged with the curve modifier. Unfortunately, even though I got through the tutorial with barely satisfying results, I could not figure out how to attach this to the dinosaur and apply the dinosaur’s texture on it.

This is all very frustrating and help would be really appreciated.

Start by reading the modeling section in the Blender manual. Your meshes are Tri’ s like a game engines. Tri’s in Blender are always flat; they don’t deform. So you need to make your triangle faces quads to get any deformations that will look decent. As to a blue model, what mode are you in? Weight paint shows blue weight if you don’t select show zero weights; is that what you are talking about? The manual will help you there. Your mesh needs to be in a neutral position to rig. If you tab your armature into edit mode, you will see a disaster. Fix your mesh so it is neutral. Legs and arms straight in either a T pose or an A pose. Google it to see what it is. Otherwise, your bone rolls will get all messed up like yours are. I have seen this before when someone imports a game model without fixing it to use Blender. Doesn’t work well.

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Thanks for the response. I didn’t realize that I need my models to be perfectly straight in a T-pose. Yet, I see 3d models like dinosaurs with irregular shape being rigged the same way. What makes this different?

You don’t have to, but your IK chains and constraints will generally be easier to use since you can make the bone rolls be consistent. Say you want to follow a X normal animation pattern, then you have to make sure that X will be bending in a positive direction on both sides, not just one side if your mesh is not consistent. Same with dinosaur arms and legs. After you get it rigged, you can pose it however you want. Plus you can use X mirror on your rig and that way only do half the work.

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