Two Job offers at the same time? What do i do?

I know posting online about Job stuff is usually a bad thing to do, but i know when someone searches me up, typically, my BAF history is not something that pops up.

Essentially what’s been going on is i lost my job, and it’s been a month know of job searching. I finally got an offer, but it was actually 2. I had 2 interviews 2 days apart. I was told to not mention the other job in either interview.

Now i have a job offer that has been doing my background check and should call me back in a day or two.
This job was pretty far from home, offered the minimum hours i can accept, and they made it a point to tell me it was going to be stressful for some reason? (it’s a Deli in a grocery store?)
But they want to have me, and i have bills to pay.

Although, the second job offer let me know they would definitely call me to let me know if it’s a yes or a No. and told me they had 4 other interviews to do. They will get back to me 4 days from now.

This job is right across the street from my house, is less stressful, part time and full time available, I enjoyed the people more, they have opportunity to move up and even an optional path to be trained for a pharmacy tech without the schooling if i aid in their pharmacy.

Thing is though, i know i’m hearing back from the first job first and will have to tell them a yes or no first. And the second job is like a 90% chance of getting it?

So I wanted to ask if anyone here has had a similar experience,
Honestly i feel like the second job is better but the first one is okay…
If i accept the okay job to cement an income for my bills, but then half a week later get a call from the second job, how can i tell them i’d rather have this other job and leave in a professional manner?

Would it be bad to tell the Okay job to wait a few days while i wait for this other call?
Would it be bad to go into the job across the street and ask them my chances of getting the job?

Take the first job and if the second job comes through just quit and roll on to the second job sounds brutal, but you have too be a little bit ruthless too get ahead, I’m not suggesting in every situation the selfish gene should win, but when your dealing with a purely economic buisness arrangement you got too be a little rough… if they had to fire you because you did not work out they would not hesitate to do so… thats my two cents…

and who knows you may even love the first job… and also a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush

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That was a really good way of putting that. Thanks o:
While waiting for a reply i did call the 2nd job to thank them for the interview to see if maybe while they had me on a call they would have more information for me, and they just pushed the day back later on when they would give me an answer T^T

So i guess the first job it is for now.

I’ve always had a hard time giving people bad news or letting people down but… how you mentioned if they had to fire me, they would do it without hesitation or warning… That really put it into perspective.

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This is a no-brainer.

Accept the first offer, then quit & take the better offer when (if?) it becomes available.

They would do it to you! (… or worse! :dizzy_face:)

Business is business.

Is it really a deli in a grocery store?

No, I would counsel this person to accept one or the other offer and then stick with it. Don’t be a pigeon that flies from one job to the next.

The timing between the two offers is unfortunate, but be “straight up” with both potential employers about the fact that you’re making a business decision between them. Having made one decision or the other, stick with that decision so that the employer feels that (s)he! also made the right business decision. “Dazzle them” with the quality of your work and your commitment to their enterprise. Right up until the day you fnally move on, make them feel that hiring you was the best decision they ever made and that they got much more than their money’s worth.

That kind of reputation will open doors for you that you never knew existed. (Quite possibly because the door was created for you …)

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It depends on your priorities.
I think it would be impolite to ask to wait the Okay job. But you can accept it and if the second job calls you you can make a fool of you and say that okay job is not for you and quit

The reality is that, just as employees compete for jobs, employers know that they’re competing for good employees. You have a decision to make, and it’s perfectly okay to tell them that. What’s not okay, IMHO, is to not tell them that! :slight_smile:

Above all, don’t “take the job and then quit.” You just wasted my time and energy that I could have spent hiring candidate #2. Many professional industries are “small communities,” and the word does get around fast. You don’t want to be marked as a quitter – what the country song called “Just a Walk-Away Joe.”

What you want the bosses to be saying at those dinner parties – and they do talk at dinner parties – is: *“man, hiring Person_X was the best decision I ever made, and no, you can’t have him/her!” :wink:

They agreed to pay you good money for your expertise, and you agreed to provide it. Always honor a business agreement once made. When the time comes in due time to move along, do so honorably. “Your reputation does precede you …”

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