Two kinds of hair

Is there any reason why it would not be possible to use more than one particle hair system on a model at once?

I’m using vertex groups and weight painting to assign locations, but I want my character to have hair and facial hair that are different densities and slightly different textures. Otherwise, if length and style were the only factors, I’d just use one system all over. The problem is, when I switch between them in the particle system dropdown under the particle buttons, whichever one I don’t have selected no longer shows up or renders. If I reassign it, whatever editing I’ve done is lost and I have a big long hairball.

I’d love to share the blend file with you all, but the forum says I’m missing a “security token” and won’t let me upload…anything actually. I can’t even put up a little dummy file duplicating the problem.


When you want to add a new particle hair system you need to hit the “<1part1>” button in the main Particle System panel as well as well as “Add New” from the PA:PSys field . When you do that “<1part1>” will become “<2part2>” and you can switch between the two by hitting the little arrows .

If you only “Add New” from the PA:PSys field without adding the a new part and switch from one system from the PA:PSys field, you will lose any hair editing you do when you switch from the PA:PSys field (there will be a “O” in front of the system that does not have a user/new part to indicate that the particle system has no users) .