Two leather sofas and a floor lamp

First attempt at furniture design.

EDIT: The image above is a modified version after feedback from the forum members.

Very stylish, almost cartoon-like. I like it!

One thing: I noticed the chairs have a bit of a “procedural-looking” cloud texture applied to them.You might want to dial that down a bit, or go for a more complex color variance.

Otherwise, looks great!

I agree about the material, it looks like sanding paper, but the design is very nice!

That look very good

Wow - I would buy it!

Made entirely in Blender?

Hehe, how much would you give for one? Anyway, it’s made entirely in Blender. As others noted, texturing is not very good. I tried to make everything using only procedural textures because my texturing skills are still not that good. But I want to move on, and make new stuff. Maybe I’ll return to this one day, but I’ll practice on other, new stuff.

Only ***** from me brankovukelic. These are great posts.

it’s mostly just a bit too much normal noise, turn that down a bit and it would look better already

I guess. :slight_smile: I’ll play around a bit when I find some free time.

I’ve played around with this a little bit more. I hope the result is better now. See the original post at the top, I’ve changed the image.