Two materials, Two Uv maps, only one shows up?

the titles kinda self explanatory, but in my revolver thread (see my sig), im modelling and texturing a revolver for use (hopefully) in half life 1. anyway, my problem is that, it is in two parts, the main part and the spinny bit. Each have their own material, and each is uv mapped seperately-however, they refuse to have different textures, either in the 3d view or when rendered! i have no idea why, and any help would be appreciated.

Hard to tell without seeing the blend file, but sounds like either your material is connected or the meshes are. Either would display that problem.

1st thing to check is that the meshes are really separate pieces, not joined in any way, while in edit mode.

Next check materials and make sure they have 2 distinct, separate materials.

yup: theyre seperate, both in mesh and materials.
im trying to just put them together in one big map by joining them again, but it does mean retexturing half of it a bit.(although there was already a lot of wasted space in the map so i suppose its ok)
i dont know whats causing this problem, but im sure it will be ok this way.
by the way thanks for ansering so quick.