Two Metal Slug Tanks

heya -
Did these over the last couple of weeks or so when I could be bothered-
Both are (enemy tanks) from the Metal Slug series
Sorry no backdrop, focusing on modeling/textures
Happier with the first I think, the colour/lighting just looks more right to me, although the texturing on the second is deffinately more like the in-game tank
Rendered with YafRay

If the pics dont show, for full size or to leave comments on DA ;


Absolutely love Metal Slug.

Not used to seeing 3D models though, that said you got the style right and they look pretty good. Only crit is the grey of the tracks - something isn’t quite right there.


good job ! metal slug is really cool :yes:

Thanks for the comments

about the tracks- Ive reused the tracks for both of these as they are quite identical in-game, but yes i see they stand out a bit much int he second pic - theyre actually suposed to be darker on that tank now that ive cheked again :rolleyes:


They look great, especially the first one! You should make a little animation about them.


*Ive repalced the second image as Ive tweaked the main paint colour on the second tank a little and darkened the tracks more appropriately (i hope)

Cheers Cuby,
I would love to do an animation- make the little thing bounce about cheerfully and shoot fireballs :slight_smile: I havent had too much practise with animation but I might look into it (some of the new features seem to be nifty lol) +it’ll probably need a scene to drop it into …