Two months without Windows.

Oct 12 - 2005. Downloaded Ubuntu 5.10 AMD64
Oct 13 - 2005. Installed Ubuntu 5.10.

2 Months later, still not got around to reinstalling windows.

Finally found a linux I like, so I think I’ll be wiping the windows drive quite soon!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

So this is just to show that it is possible to migrate over to linux despite initial tantrums over the general “difficultyness” of linux.



Of course is possible.
You just have to try.

If you live on a place where people don’t have money to buy software, it’s even easier.

In a while, when you try a windows pc, you will make a “ls” and will get frustrated because it won’t work.

Too true.

I’d still keep the Windows drive (or partition) just in case.

Hehe I have that problem when I have to use Windows.

Its like WTF and they call this user friendly. Cant get my head round it now.

I dunno, I never had any problems with windows, everything works fine, but i dont use internet explorer (firefox with noscript plugin) so that does limit the spyware and viruses (hell I havnt had any since I started using it). Windows XP runs fine for me.

I never had the time to take a look at linux even though I am curious about it. :smiley:

Windows 2000 was the last version I used and I found it to be stable and a pretty good all around business OS.

I personally ditched windows for Mac. With OSX, I get my nice OSS & Unix applications and all my commerical professional applications (lightwave, MS Office, QuickBooks Pro) not to mention the great Apple software like iLife and professionally FCP suite. Actually Final Cut Pro was the primary reason for the switch since Premiere 6 just sucked so bad with crashes on PC.

Are you able to upload video files from a DV camera through a fire wire port? That’s the problem with linux right now.
Thanks in advance,

you betcha. Kino is the best capturing app. Cinelerra is a pretty decent editor.

Blender can edit video, but you need to use transcode, mencoder, or ffmpeg to convert the video into Mjpeg. It will be a lot easier once Positron / Blender’s ffmpeg integration advances.

I’m a film student, and I’m using Linux exclusively just to prove that it’s possible. :slight_smile:

I don’t think you have to “ditch” Windows. Who knows, there may be one application out there – now or someday – that runs better or runs best on Windows, and I see no reason to shut yourself out of it.

I suggest that you get an additional disk-drive. Most motherboards have two IDE-chains and can support two drives each. Normally only two of these four slots are occupied. For about $100 you can have a nice new drive to go alongside the others, with an appropriate mounting-kit.

Your computer can be told to boot the system off of any of these drives. So you simply leave the Windows drive exactly as it is, and you install Linux (and a boot-loader) onto the other one. Now, each of these two installations are entirely and completely separated from one another. You can upgrade one without affecting the other in any way.

heh. dual-booting is nice sometimes, but dual-booters don’t learn Linux as fast as the cold-turkey switchers.

I mean, video editing is a decent example again. If you still had a windows partition, you would just switch into it for editing, instead of trying to learn how to use Kino & Cinelerra.

wouldnt it be nice to rid myslef of windows woes. i am unable to though.
most of the software i have and use wont run on linux, ie, simply accounting, max, any fps, the list goes on…

so i dual boot.

i got one question though, i was running fedora. then i switched to breezy (ubuntu) and windows preformance shot through the ground. i am back in fedora, yet to try windows.
it made a 486 look lightspped fast. i clicked start, and 30s later (not kidding) the menu came up. anyone else have that problem?

i may never be able to get rid of windows, but linux will reign supreme. it will be first on my new 64 bit computer.

rndrdbrian: congratulations on your liberation!

I’ve been using linux since rh5.x and I haven’t regreted it one bit. My most used box is FC3 (hd2) and win98 (hd1). The only reason I have windows at all is because I have clients that send me graphics using windows apps software. To be honest it is nothing but a frustrating pain in the glutemus maximus to go on the win side every time. I’ve had some success using WINE to deal with the situation. I love it when months pass without needing to go there.
As of today I plan on triple booting my system FC4 (40gig hd), ubuntu (30gig hd) and win98 (20gig hd). I do not let my win hard drive near the www. It remains quarenteened in a dusty corner of the box :slight_smile:

I have watched linux grow over the years and all I can say is that it is awesome. Just to be able to contribute as a user is great. When blender went open source I was thrilled. The linux community and FOSS has given this poor old hermit wings to fly. Every day that goes by linux is becoming more user friendly and secure. I never claimed to be a geek. Just a hard core christian naturalist, which is a pretty distant stretch from geek culture. If I can get a handle on it and make it do all of what I need. Anyone can.