Two mouses for roto-translating objects (it might be great with 3D anaglyph).


I searched about it and found nothing, is anybody using two mouses for roto-translating objects in Blender?

I believe there could be a limitation at the operative system level about this… but I’d like to try that!
It would speed up 3D modelling in complex scenes quite a lot I believe…

(… especially if used together with 3D viewing… 2.75 might implement 3D anaglyph I read, good.

I saw there was a special build with that feature of an older version but I need 2.74 for compatibility with a friend, I started helping him on the model of the JA-37 Viggen aircraft in the opensource FlightGear flight simulator, and BTW I use to “fly” with 3D anaglyph ON and I love it.