Two objects, almost the same, different UV texture position

Hi there.
I have two concrete slabs, both 1m x 1m x 250mm thick, one with 4 holes in the face, one without, both have edge loops and subdivision to achieve beveled edges.
Trouble is, even though I have seems in exactly the same place, I cannot get the UV texture to be in exactly the same place for both.
I need it to be as in my animation, one slab (without holes) ‘pours’ with formwork around it, then when the formwork is struck I cheekily swap to the other slab (with the holes.)
Any ideas? Thanks, Matt.

In re-reading my thread, I dont think I have been clear enough so here are a couple of images to show what I mean.
Is there a way of making both meshes have the same uv unwrap?
I cant get it to work buty then uv unwrapping is currently unfathomable to me.
Cheers for any help. Matt.


Can’t you just have two different texture file? Just duplicate the texture file and on one of it have holes painted on it. When time comes on animation sequence, just switch to the texture with the holes over the clean slab.

Blender 2.4x comes with a script that copies uv coordinates from one object to another if it has the same vertex layout. To use it, select the object you want to copy uv to, then shift select the object you want to copy from (so it is the active object). Then select in the 3D view menu header: Object -> Scripts -> UV Copy from Active. Voila :slight_smile:

I am just curious. Why is there a script to copy UV? I can copy UV just by duplicating object with UV on it.

Simply copy the object, and make a new material for the second one. It will have the same unwrap as the first, just a different texture.

Thanks for the replies.
I’m sorry though, I wasnt very clear with the problem.
The slab with holes - they are actually holes and need to be holes. There are cast in threaded sockets (not shown) that if I were to use the slab with painted holes you wouldnt be able to see into the sockets, i.e. it would look right.
The UV script thing does sound useful though, so thanks.
I did fix this problem a different way. Much simper really, I should have thought of it before, instead of UV m,apping the object, I just loaded the same image texture to both meshes, worked a treat.
Thanks again, Matt.