Two objects in one rigify rig - weights to selected bones only

Is there is a way to select and parent with automatic weights an object to only selected bones? I want red obj connected to only lower chain and green obj to upper in one rigify rig (the lower chain is parented to upper chain).

I’ve tried deleting vertex groups that I dont want to have in an object but it always left some mess - vertex group which weren’t deleted didn’t get new weights, it was just the same thing without weights from other object - bad deformation.

The only half solution Ive found is to merge these two chains after automatic weights, but without rigify. I don’t know how to connect to two rigify rigs (lower chain loses weights after joining).

It would be perfect to select object, select bones in pose mode and use something like Automatic Weights to Selected Bones. There should be some solution without painting weights manualy…

This is how weights look after deleting unwanted vertex groups from Red object and using Assign Automatic from Bones. Whole red object doesnt get full weights cover from 4 bones in lower chain…

The easiest way to do this, in my experience, is:

  1. If necessary, delete all vertex groups from the mesh.

  2. Duplicate the armature, delete all bones you don’t want contributing to weights. Parent the mesh to this edited armature with autoweights, then delete the armature modifier that creates.

  3. Parent the mesh object to the original armature with either armature deform or empty groups.

The reason your mesh is blue is because the weights aren’t normalized. Try running a “normalize all” operation in weight paint. Remember to uncheck the default “lock active group” in the operator panel. But I’m not sure whether deleting the groups will give you the same (unnormalized) weights as autoweighting from only those bones.

There shouldn’t be anything special about Rigify in this regard-- it’s just a regular old Blender armature, and I don’t think Rigify does anything to the autoweights algorithm.

I agree that it would be nice to have a few options for an autoweight operation, including the ability to make non-deforming by text string.

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Thanks for a reply, will try it in a moment. Parenting with empty groups could do the trick.