Two objects sharing one shape action?

Hi, sorry I have already post this thread once on the modelling forum but no body seem to be able to help so I thought I should move it to here (I couldn’t delete the first one though).

I am trying to make a character speak, in another word, I am trying to lips-sync the character.

I have adjusted where every shape key goes (using the action editor) so the shape of the character’s lip matches with the pre-recorded soundtrack.

Here is the problem, My character is consist of two objects (or meshes): the body and the teeth. I have made the following shape keys in both of the objects

VO_AH - for when the character says “Car” “Bar” etc.
VO_E - for when the character says “Ray” “Kay” etc.
VO_EE - for when the character says “See” “Key” etc.
VO_OH - for when the character says “Oh” “Go” etc.
VO_U - for when the character says “You” “Too” etc.

The above shapes exist in both the “body” and “teeth” objects, but they are not created in the same order, for example:

This is the list of shapes in each object in the order they were created:

Object Name Shapes

Body Smile, Upset, VO_E, VO_EE, VO_AH, VO_U, VO_OH
Teeth Grin , VO_AH, VO_E, VO_EE, VO_OH, VO_U

What I am trying to do is to apply the shape action (I think that is the right technical term) that I have made for the body object, to the teeth object so the shape of the teeth will get synced to the pre-recorded sound track as well, in the same manner as the body object.

Hope someone can give me a suggestion or two

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: