two options with the same hotkey

Hi there!

Is it posible to make a hotkey work with to functions. For instance, when i isolate an object in 3d view (shift-h) can it also affect its restriction to be rendered? that way i only render what im looking at in 3d view an dont have to remember to restrict to render the other objects.

Thanks in advance


If you do isolation via “/” hotkey (local edit), it will render only visible objects (AFAIK it’s like temporary layer) (lamps and cameras will affect the render though, but that’s probably what you want). And if you do such an isolation on same objects quite often, you may want to put them into separate layer via “m” and then shift+.

So, for that particular problem you don’t need two functions for same hotkey. For anything else - AFAIK things like shift-h are made via scripts, so it could be more reasonable to just copy that script, modify it in way you want and then use as your own plugin.

Did’nt know that hotkey! and it works great as you say it adapts perfectly to my workflow… but (there is always a but) The problem is it works great with blender internal or cycles and im using maxwell render (with Nildar’s addon which is fantastic!). Maxwell wont detect this isolation mode :frowning:

Im going to try to copy the script as you said but i get easily scared with code…

Thanks anyway and if you have any other work around to this issue please share.