two or three questions :-)

Hi, Im new to blenderartist/blender and my english is not so perfect (Im from CZE) so be tolerant of my questions:). Im working on diploma dissertation and Im creating an 3D enviroment for exposure of acrophobia etc. Im using Blender (because I find it perfect for this work) but I have some troubles. First is with world (skybox). When I play game (after I render it) I still dont see my picture of sky. Is it possible to work with world (skybox) like with cube? I need to give 2 types of sceneries in my skybox (city - scenery and sky / top and side face).
Second I need to give some music into my game (enviroment). I try it, but it doesn`t work? And is it possible to make different music, when the player (patient) will move in the scene ( the patient will use elevator and it will be perfect, when there will be different music/noises.
Third is it possible to make the scenery full screen without border when playing game?
Thanks a lot
P.S. After I finish my work (hope I do) I will leave it here on the forum:yes:

  1. When you have your texture mapped to the cube turn the 3d view port to textured. (An option if you scroll down on the tab that says solid.)

  2. Yes there is a way to add music to games but I am not exactly familiar. I’m pretty sure you could trigger it when player contacts elevator. Hopefully someone else can help you with this.

  3. I do recall a button to do this but I’m not sure where. Again I hope someone else can help.

1-“render”? No need to render!
You assign “sky textures” (images) or plain colors ( vertex colors) to a big cube or sphere wit the UV Editor. You must check the camera clipping ( distance) to match the “skybox”.
2- Sure, you can make sounds/music interactive, but only WAV format will be allowed
Try to use mono/11000khz 16 bit ones
How to use them? One ex: Near sensor ( check for the “player”) - AND - Sound Actuator - your WAV file here
This way when the player approaches the object with those Logic Bricks the sound will play
3- Sure, easy one!

Thanks a lot. Could I just ask to the question nr.3, how? Thanks