Two people, two months, from ground up

A production of Threye: Operation Morning Glory Game: Teaser - YouTube

THREYE INC: A NEW DAWN - 08th of October signifies the arrival of THREYE INTERACTIVE, a budding repository of Human Interactive Creative Applications in Simulated 3D Space. Thereye proudly announces the launch of its capability demonstrator, OPERATION MORNING GLORY, a first of its kind Indian Air Force themed, 3D arcade game in India.
With this, our gifted start up has joined the big league of 3D Game content developers and now aim to get a toehold in the augmented reality expansion sector. In its endeavor to merge real & digital world, it has developed some kick-ass state of the art tech. Do visit our website for some past case studies and to witness the gargantuan challenge we have taken upon our shoulders in collaboration with Team Indus.

Live to Fly, Fly to Slay, Slay to Serve !!!
Operation Morning Glory!
A fighter pilot’s Saga

The IAF mission to seek and destroy terrorists and rebels stealing nuclear assets at Shahbaz AFB (Jacobabad) for future use against India, was scrambled off in the air from somewhere in the Western Sector
Play a module on our website/ download the free entire game:
Stay tuned for an Android mobile version.

Disclaimer: We are not associated with IAF and have not been endorsed by IAF in any capacity.

Looks like a very interesting game. I look forward to seeing more.