Two physic problems

First, very simple question: I forgot where can i put an object to bounce, it was somewhere in materials tab…
Second: When I press P and start game, second side of plane is invisible. How can i fix this?

  1. Make sure the object you want to bounce is selected, press F5, find the “Material” tab, click on the little “DYN” button on the bottom of the tab. Increase the “Restitution” value to get a bounce.

2)Make sure the object is selected press F9, then press F, in the “Texture Face” tab click on “Twoside” and then click on “Copy draw mode”

  1. That doesn’t affect anyway :S It doesn’t bounce at all.
  2. That worked, thanks, but i had texture in that object, and there is no more of it. How can i add texture too?

And one more problem: How can I put camera to target an object, so camera wont move, only turn pointing that object.

Try giving a restitution value to the ground that the object bounces off.

Two side will simply replicate the same texture on one side to the other, uv map on side the other side becomes the same.

Use the edit object actuator’s Track To function.