Two problems. One Virtualbox another Blender.


I like halo in co-op mode, but my cousin is the only person I know with a copy for the x-box and his broke. (the game and his 360) I have win 7 64 bit on my host and two XP 32 bit guests with halo on them. The adapters are bridged and I can ping between guests. When I start halo on either guest it tells me that I do not have directX 9.0b installed, but neither the ISOs nor my graphics card drivers seem to be able to install it. I’d like to run a lan’d co-op came on one pc and use usb controllers (can’t seem to get usb working correctly either). Do not ask my why, just help me with the how.

How do I get directX on my guests to run halo?
How do I get the guests to recognize usb controllers and drives (one guest crashed trying to install the drivers to use my 1TB external hdd)?

My desktop pc specs:
2.33Ghz intel processor
4GB ram
700+ GB HD
1 GB nvidia GeForce 9600 graphics card
Windows 7 x64 os

Guest specs:
Windows XP pro x32
128 MB video with 3d acceleration checked
1024 RAM
7GB virtual HD
Has virtual box guest additions installed (did it in safe mode for direct 3d)
no graphics card driver installed(won’t let me)

I am doing this all on my desktop and both guests have the exact same settings even though they are two separate installs.

Is that enough info?

I am running 32 bit blender on my 64 bit pc (64 bit blender will not run) and my screen’s refresh rate is 75hertz.

When I use “display frame rate” and “enable all frames” it only shows 75fps, but it stays like that even if I subsurf a cube 8 times.

How can I get it to show the max frame rate?

I know my questions are noobish and make little sense, but I enjoy pushing limits.

DirectX problem: you cannot, DirectX is propiatery and VirtualBox has very limited support for it based on WineLib. This is why a lot of Linux users have XP installed nativly instead of just running a VM for gaming.

64 bit blender wont run: you probably have a 32 bit OS. (are you running on the hoast or hoasted OS, blender will run in virualbox if you enable opengl support, atleast with Linux as the hoast.

refresh rate: You probably have Vsync enabled, going over the hardware framerate is compleatly pointless anyway.