Two problems with ATI Radeon 9600

Hi folks,

I’ve two problems with blender and graphic card ATI Radeon 9600 and OpenGL(?).
They are mutually exclusive, it occurs either first of them
or the second one.

Problem #1: after short while in blender all panels and windows went gray,
here you can find similar case:

Problem #2: it’s not possible to select vertices while in solid view mode,
this problem is also reported:

If I turn down the hardware support of graphic card
the problem #1 disappears but the problem #2 occurs,
and opposite, if I switch on the hardware support
the problem #1 occurs but the problem #2 disappears.

Here the spec of PC:

  • AMD Athlon XP 1700+, mainboard Shuttle AK31
  • Graphic card ATI Radeon 9600
  • WinXP SP2
  • Blender 2.61

Any help appreciated,

Wow, that’s an old card - as is the mainboard and cpu. You did upgrade all the drivers (including system drivers) to the most current ones? But even so - perhaps upgrade to Ubuntu?


I’m using the “newest” drivers from AMD.


quick update:

the option ‘Windows Draw Method’ from ‘System’ preferences of Blender has impact on my problem,

  • Automatic or Triple Buffer - the problem #1 occurs
  • Overlap, Overlap Flip and Full - the problem #1 disappears

So the solution for me is to turn on hardware support of graphic card and use appropriate draw method.


I had problem #1 where the interface/viewports turned grey and Sticking it on full in Window Draw Method solved the problem thanks. Oh my card is an ATI Saphirre 9600.