Two questions about animation and "play" buffer


For one of my projects, I have a spotlight object that turns on by changing many properties from on keyframe to the other. How do I move the keyframe and all the altering characteristics to another frame to make things longer/shorter?

Also, how do I clear the “play animation” buffer?

Hi psycovic23, and welcome to Elysiun! :smiley:

Have you discovered the IPO window? Select your lamp, and then press Shift-F5 to go to it.
Here you’ll find several bezier curves that are controlling the behaviour of your lamp, as set by your keyframes. You may need to change the combobox at the bottom to ‘Lamp’ instead of ‘Object’ for many of the characteristics of the lamp.
Move these curves by pressing ‘g’ as usual, or press tab to open a specific curve and edit its control points.

Advancing further, you may wish to use the Action Editor or NLA Editor to control your lamp, by grouping many different IPO settings into one ‘Action’. Read the documentation for info on them: of you haven’t found it already.

Well, I know about the IPO curves, but the thing is, I can only move the entire line, not just one point, and that single line is for the z axis. I want to move them all, as if I had done I->LocRot somewhere else.

Right, well if you want to move more than one line, Shift-Click on the lines that you want in the list of them on the right-hand side.

However, if you want to shorten move one keyframe but not the other, you press Tab to enter the IPO and then click one control point and press g. I don’t believe there’s a quicker way than that (but I’m probably wrong! :wink: )

Ah, thank you! Got it now.

Now, about the playbuffer, is there anyway to clear it so I don’t see my old animated projects?

I don’t believe there’s a quicker way than that

You can press K in the IPO window to get Keyframes which you can select and then grab.

Now, about the playbuffer

Just rename your file or move it to another folder. Would be cool to have a button though.