two questions on motor speeds

Hi everyone -

I have a drawn a vehicle with 4 wheels, each one powered by a motor constraint from the rigid body tools set. Works great. But when I want to change the speed of the vehicle, I have to edit 4 motors.

Would like to define a variable name for motor speeds

Question 1: Is there a way to define a variable name so that each motor can have the same speed without having to set them individually?

Question 2: Is there a way I can program a motor to change its speed during an animation - ie, like a key-frame for the speed variable?


I know it can be done using the logic editor.
Add a game property to your wheel. this will become the speed property.
add an actuator to the wheel to control the rotation. (may be better to use actions) each action being a differant speed.
then the property tells the sensor to play that action.
This is a very simplified solution. to truly understand it you need to study the logic editor in full.
Hope this leads you to the right solution.