two questions

  1. How would I make the cursor not flicker when it is set to viewable? I want to make an object as a custom cursor in my menus, but I don’t like the flickering, or should I not use a mask and do it all in the game negine?

  2. How can I make games that save and load?

Any help would be appreciated, except for the search button, I can find that on my own, I was just too lazy to use it right now :slight_smile:

Hi, don’t have answers for you, sorry. This is game engine releated, you’ll have more chance if you post it in gamengine forum.

small bump

Try a little search on this forum for a custom mouse cursor for a game. And searching for a game engine save and load script. I know some people have that source, like I do, but I’m right now not at home and besides that I’ve got computer problems and not be able to reach the backup of sources directly from my latop. :-? Maybe I can upload some more when my pc has been repared.

ok, thanks.