Two questions?

hi friends, I’m newbie so pls forgive my roughcut like questions below.

Question 1
Is there any way to remove those duplicated faces?

Question 2

How to judge two face are folded or not? I found I can’t combine two linked folded triangles to a quad.

Thank you!

1 w key > remove double, adjust the threshold at mesh panel under editing tab.

2 f key, or at least this used to work, if this not apply the only alternative i can see is deleting the intersecting edge with x key > edge and f key.

Maybe I didn’t express very clearly but question is not so basic since I knew those you told, greboide.

About question 1: Only part of two or more faces collapse together, if there are many these face, how do we remove duplcate part of those faces?

okay so the answer is avoid it, why to remove faces? sometimes its unavoidable other times not, try to not create those troublesome faces, if this is impossible, try to keep track of it trough vertex groups so you can get rid of it later trough the already mentioned methods, otherwise reexplain or keep trying.

Thank you greboide, that’s a another way. I tried to avoid the unsmooth mesh always, but at moment I am not quite sucessful in skill and understanding of how to avoid duplicated faces very well. :slight_smile: