Two questions

Could someone point me to an explaination of the roll off function in blender? I would like sounds to get quieter as I get farther from an object.

Also, I would appriciate some help coding a script if it’s not too much trouble. I was hoping to use mouse over and left button to pick up objects in the game and carry them. Basically, when you click and hold the object it takes on the mouse position on the camera screen. I can script python, but I am not real confident yet using it in blender. Your help is the difference between getting things up and going now, or in a few months. I have been studying erwin’s “ragdoll” example and I already have the script that changes Camera rotation based on mouse position. My prefered build is 2.42a. Any help is greatly appriciated.

My projects right now are simple educational game meant to help elementry kids master math. I fully intend on releasing them open source. I have the first one almost ready, and after some testing look forward to the blender family’s help in making them the best they can be. Thank you.

It seems to me that by “roll off” function you are referring to 3D sound. To use 3D sounds, you simply need to enable them in the Sound buttons:

There seems to be a maximum size limit on 3D sounds, so the option will only show up for sounds that are small enough. Make sure to pack the sound by clicking the button with the packaged gift on it or by using the “File >> Pack Data” option.

Also, for coding a left-click and mouse over response, set up a Python controller with the two mouse sensors (one for left-click, one for mouseover) hooked to it. Use this basic structure for your code:

cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
LeftClick = cont.getSensor("<i>your left click sensor name</i>")
MOver = cont.getSensor("<i>your mouse over sensor name</i>")

if LeftClick.isPositive() and MOver.isPositive:
     <i>Do what you need to do here...</i>

Thanks blendenzo! Your tutorials have really been a great help to me. I really apprieciate it. I think with this and the answers to some other posts I should be able to figure it out.
The reason I refered to rolloff is because of the getRollOffFactor() in the GameLogic. I was hoping to better control how fast the sound decreases the farther away you get from the object supposedly emitting the sound. For now it’s not a pressing problem, but in the future it is a problem a will need to overcome.

I think I just did.