Two quick basic questions concerning edges and faces

So, I’m like extremely new to the whole business^^

My first question is more like a problem. Sometimes when I select an edge, it shows being selected when I press down on the mouse button, but when I release the mouse button it deselects autimatically. This is a on and off thing, sometimes it immediately keeps at the selecting it made, other time I have to double click. Is this normal?

2nd Question would be about the function of the F-Key where I add or fill.

I’ve got 4 edge that I want fill with face. So I press F-key and a drop-down menu pops up. I select auto, and noting happens. I then try <Spacebare><Edit><faces><make-face/edge–F> nothing happens either.
I was able to create faces a few moments before however, and I’ve checked my limit selection button, it didn’t make a difference:S

Both these things are prolly some short cut key I pressed or something, but meh:/

Any replies would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

I think both problems are caused by you selecting edges that are on the back side of the model. By default the mesh is drawn in a transparent way so that you can see the edges on the front and back at the same time. However, when you have edges that line up from front to back, it is hard to select the one you want and know that is the correct one. At the bottom of the 3D window to the right of the Vert / Edge / Face select buttons is the “Occlude Background Geometry” button, click it and see if that helps your selecting and filling ability.

Another thing that might help is to rotate your view slightly, so you can see the model in three dimensions rather than two. Use the 2, 4, 6 and 8 keys on the numpad to get a 15 degree fixed rotation to the left or right (4 and 6) or up and down (8 and 2.) The axis that is rotated around depends on the view you’re in when you rotate.

Also, to save time, you only need to select two opposite edges to make a face. Blender is looking for the location of four vertices.

Also, because of the appearing menu, it seems to me that you are trying to create an Fgon, which is pretty much something you should avoid. When filling four verts with a face it should just appear without a menu.

Sorry about your offtopic thread by the way, not everyone is like that here.:rolleyes: