Two quick (probably) easy questions.

Complete Blender noob here. In 2.53 I must’ve bumped something because I cannot rotate/scale in object mode and when I do so in edit mode, it scales relative to the 3D cursor! I think these are two separate issues, because I’ve had the former problem without the latter. Anyone know how to fix this?

First, in Object Mode, check to see if the object’s transformations are locked. You can do this in the Properties dialogue, N key. Check to see if the lockers are pressed there.

Edit Mode transformation is independent from Object Mode transformation. Transformations are happening relative to the 3D Cursor because you probably set it that way, to change it go to the 3D View header and change the ‘Pivot center for rotation/scaling’ method.

Thanks for that. It fixed the relative rotation/scaling problem right up, but all the locks are unclicked and I still can’t scale/rotate in object mode.

Maybe see if the object is really selected (Properties dialogue, Display tab, check Outline Selected). Or try not to use the manipulator but the S key after selecting the object.

Have you this selected?

That’s the thing: I’ve ONLY used the keyboard shortcuts. I wasn’t even aware that there was another way to do it.

Yep, two separate things, most likely.

The hotkeys for what you want your object to rotate and scale around is the comma key and the period key. It seems you’ve found that, now for the next problem of objects not scaling and rotating, did you try the suggestion in the post above? It seems as thought you may have “manipulate only object centers” enabled. This makes any transformations only affect the possition of the object.

For example, if you rotate around the center cursor (as you accidentally enabled) the position of the object will rotate around the cursor, but it’s orientation will remain the same.

Ah yes, that cleared it up. Thanks guys!