two quick problems

Two simple problems cropped up today.

  1. I can’t rotate anything I’ve selected. It must be a setting but I can’t figure it out.
  2. At random times all the graphics on my buttons vanish. This doesn’t appear to be linked to how much memory is being used. Only restarting the program fixes this. Is it a bug/feature or (more likely) a hardware problem?

When I rotate the view and try to use the colored sphere to rotate, only half of the sphere has color on it. The last time the rotate worked, the whole thing was colored.

Operating system?
Blender version?
Computer spec?
Graphic card spec?
All the other bits of info that usually helps etc
Screenshot showing problem?

From the little info given, try updating your video card drivers from your card vendor.

The computer specs are more than adequate. If it’s not a setting somewhere in Blender then I have some bad hardware and dang, they’ll just have to get me a new computer. Darn the bad luck. So is there a setting that screws up the rotate and only the rotate?

Rotation problem: You may have activated “Manipulate object centers only”. I can’t post a screenshot right now, but its icon is the horizontal double-headed arrow with 3 dots over it in the 3D window header.

Disappearing graphics: I just had that happen to me today, on a machine with onboard Intel graphics with acceleration. I’ve found Intel onboard graphics is always crappy with Blender and try to stay away from it as much as possible. What do you have?

The card is an nvidia GeForce FX 5500.

Yup, that was the rotation problem.
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