two quick questions .

Hi , do you know hoe to add a texture to many objects a one time? i mean select for example ten objects and apply them a texture.if i select ten objects and them apply a texture it only applys to the last selected.

Also , do you guys know how to apply a texture to a mesh , or more than two mehes so that the texture can repeat , but it doesnt repeat only in a mesh but in space , i think is easier to understand if you see the foto below.


To give many objects one material, select all the objects, making sure the one with the material you want is selected last (ie is the Active Object). Then Ctrl-L -> Make links to Material.

I don’t understand the 2nd part. Can you try to explain again?


yes thats what i mean , i tried changing the obj coordinates , but i get no result , but the empty via the map input channel i dont know how to do that could you explain it a bit more.


In the Map Input panel, turn on the Object button instead of Orco. Next to the button is an empty box; here type in the name of the Empty. Now the texture mapping will be based on the location and rotation of the Empty object. If several objects share the material that contains this texture, the texture will be spread out over all the objects.

hi,i got like 20 meshes with the same maaterial , then on map input i got ot set to object , the object is an empty , but i still get the texture inside each mesh, it doesnt flow from one to the other ,

what else i have to do ?i changed the coordinates but still the same.