two rings

Here is an image that was in work in progress
a while ago. I forgot to post the final one there
so here it is.Critique welcome.

Few self crits, post process not done well, one ring
seems to lack texture at one area, eventhough it
really does not.

I cannot redo the final things since the harddrive that
includes the files for the image causes all kind crap
to happen to my pc. The harddrive is on a shelf for

use caustics on the lower diamond

yeah… the diamonds look funny…
looks great though

I would try caustics on it but now that harddrive which had the
file is reformatted i did not make copies of files. Dum of me.
Well this will save me a headache, i cannot get any nice
renders with yafray, i still have not learned how to use it.

Thanks for the + underclocker.
Thats is a good name by the way “underclocker” .

you may also want to reduce the halo on the top diamond…it seems a little too much in relation to the rest of the picture which is pretty good.

More on the diamonds – looks like only reflections from the first surfaces, with no transparency, no reflections from rear surfaces. Surface reflectivity too high? Transparency off? Ray depth insufficient? Just some random thoughts…
Beautiful rings though.

join my site and you can post it then you can download it from anywhere
so if it crashes a backup will exits for blends