Two sided plane

Hi there. I’m new to Blender, and trying to do something that (should) be very straightforward.

I want to create a plane with a different image texture on each side.

However, despite what I think is the right setup - the plane only displays what is connected to the Color1 node in Mix.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

Hi and welcome!

What is the second texture supposed to look like?
One thing can be pointed out is that UV of the other side is flipped. You can rotate it, for example, like so:

That’s odd, as I get the result I expect using the backfacing. The only obvious difference I I have applied the mapping & texture co-ord nodes.

I’ve figured it! It’s because I was using a Solidify modifier to add thickness. Thanks for the help!

Yep, that’d do it :wink: