Two sided texture with alpha on a plane?


I’m trying to get a plane to display a texture with alpha on both sides and not getting it right so far. I’m using the standard render setting and am making an animation, not a game.

What is the current set up for this please?

Here is a screenshot of some settings:

The object is eyelashes. I know there is other ways of doing eyelashes, but I feel like I should know how to do it this way, as I have had it working in an older version of blender.

Thanks for your time.

Is it just in the 3d view you are not getting the transparency or in the render ?
Attach an example blend

Well, after a restart, the problem seems to be gone in the render. The plane only shows the texture on one side in the viewport but I am not going to lose sleep over that. :slight_smile:

In viewport, the image is visible only on the side where the normal is pointed.

Thanks Roubal, good to know this is ‘normal’ behaviour.