Two textures/materials on one mesh ?

After adding a texture material to a mesh I want to add a more detail material/texture on top , this material is partial as in being partially transparent. So what I want to achieve is to add this material on top and have the first material showing through the transparent parts of the second material.

I am sure this is possible but I do not know how .

Thanks for your time.

Your question is vague as we don’t know what type of material you are using, how the texture is applied or even what renderer you are uisng.

Assuming you are using cycles renderer and the node editor to set up your material (this is guesswork because no specifics given). You can add multiple texture nodes and mix their colours using the alpha channel of the texture as the mix factor so the second texture only sown where you have the transparency of the first texture.

So everyone is using the same info and to give you a specific answer ALWAYS supply a demo blend file (with textures packed in it) for review as well a clear annotated screenshots showing exactly what you want to achieve.

Normally, in Blender, ‘material’ refers to the base color you apply to the faces of an object, and although you can apply many materials to an object, you can only apply one material to a face. ‘Textures’ can be added on top of these base materials, and in this case you can have as many textures as you want, one on top of the next, like you’re wanting.

You’re new so I assume you’re probably still just trying out the Blender Render engine and not Cycles. In that case, you need to assign the second texture to the same material that you did with the first texture. Do this in the texture panel of the properties editor, and then go into the UV editor and load that texture into the same UV map that you created for the first texture. That should be all that’s needed.

Have fun!

You can do this with a mask.

Create your two materials.
Create a black mask, black for those parts that will be opaque, transparent for where the ‘lower’ material will show through.
Set up a Mix Shader, plug the two materials into it, and plug the alpha channel of the mask into the Mix Shader’s Fac input.

If you’re using 2.79, I’d recommend using the Principled Shader instead of Diffuse BSDF.

The result of the above shader network:

THANKS A Lot, I found this answer and it helps me, thank youuuu