Two textures on a UV-Sphere


i have a UV-Sphere on which i’ve layed a texture based on the Generated Coordinates.

That UV-Sphere has 360 Segments and 180 Rings. In exactly on of the quads i want to place an independent texture that is overlayed over the normal texture.

I want to use TWO textures because that one texture is quite rough and covers the whole sphere, the second texture that overlays holds much more detail. It failed to just create one image that contains the overlay already.

I tried adding two materials to the Sphere, it was easy to place the large texture on it based on the Generated Coordinates. But i failed placing the second texture on exactly one quad. I tried by UV-Unwrapping that quad, but the second texture was never rendered.

It would be great if anybody could give me some hints on how to best proceed.

Thanks for any hints,

To lay the second texture you can use UVs.
For all the faces where you want to NOT add the second texture moves the UVs outside the UV space so only the face you want to add the texture to is to be used. In the Texture Mapping panel change the Extension from Repeat to Clip so it does not extend outside the UV space.

See attached example


clip.blend (300 KB)

Thank you very much for your fast and detailled help, it works as expected now!

Best regards,