Two Tool Shelf Add-ons

Add “Add Objects” panel to your Tool Shelf.

For icon fans:

For dropdown fans:



ooh, nice one :slight_smile:

Great i like icons and the lack of icons in Blender is for me the weakest point of blender. Please create more toolbars, for standard thinks like, extrude, loop select, bridge, weld,connect, cut(sorry for using 3d studio terms, I’m new to blender) I would try tocreate this menus bars on my one but i don’t know how maybe you can share your knowledge.

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough icons for mesh tools. But drop down menus for edit mode is a good idea.

Would it be hard do add new icons? I could may be create some?

Blender’s icon system is so weird. Look at my tutorial about how to edit them:

Click here

As you can see, editing is not enough. I have some icons too and would like to share them with community, but I don’t know how to add new icons to Blender. Maybe a dev help us.

New versions added. Watch screencasts and try add-ons

Watch screencast

Click here to try Add Object add-on (works in object mode)
Click here to try Mesh Edit Add-on (works in edit mode)

Watch Screencast

Try Icon Panel add-on




Finally, here is my new experimental Tool Shelf addon. Not a perfect solution for uncessary scrolling, but better than nothing :yes:


Download and try “My Tool Shelf” addon

Hope this is correct place for this question:
Do these plugins work in Blender 2.62; and if so , where can I download the latest versions?
Thank you in advance.

Yes, it works with the latest builds. Link is under the video above.

Thanks so much, it’s a help!

Do not move the mouse away from viewport saves a lot of time. You better forget 3ds MAX way as soon as possible!

Very nice!

H, i really like thi addon, sad that we can’t grab them, the link are dead :frowning:

Links are down. Error 404 in Chrome browser

Not working in internet explorer either

lol, stop please re hashing threads that are 5 years old

This kind of script should still work 5 years later I think…

I would just delete that whole tab, with Shift+A there has never been a need a toolshelf to create basic primitives…