Two Towers - iKlsR

What started as an experiment ended in this image after i applied some basic compositing and rendered with AAO.


Although the buildings are obviously just repeated sections deformed by a lattice or a curve, you’ve pulled off a fairly nice piece here. Especially with the addition of the birds which I believes makes the whole thing so much better! Good job!

looks great, but there seems to be a flow interupt on both towers , between halfway and the top…
nice and dark man… this would make a sweet camera pan animation

Very simple yet cool. I’d be interested to see how it would look with some DoF throwing the bases of the building out of focus. I think it’d add more to the creepy surreal sort of vibe this has going on. Then again DoF gets overdone sometimes, I’d still like to see it though :yes:.

Looks cool but, it is feels too simple(and it is you only have 2 towers) i think if the shot captured part of some low buildings, or if this is(and it is right?) set in a big city, you would see other skyscrapers in the background?

btw, the sky looks nice, and the birds definitely add to the scene!

thanks alot man… much appreciated and it was deformed using a second array which i scaled and rotated

That is really cool. So simple yet pleasant for eyes