Two types of bullets

These two are my better low poly models, one is an armor piercing bullet modeled from a .50 cal assault rifle bullet, and the other is a 3-ringer Civil War bullet.

Are they good enough to be used in professional projects or games? or are they horribly done? Pictures include my model, and a real life picture.


Could only upload 3, here is my model of the civil war sharps.

They are well modeled, but for a shape as simple and fleeting as a bullet, I think you could go a lot lower poly without it looking bad in a game. Sometimes every polygon counts. For renders they are great models though. For a bullet in game production I would probably use 8-10 sides on the bullet and set-smooth because generally you can barely see them anyway. But depending on its use in a game the model may need to be higher poly.

Regardless, good models and good texturing on that civil war bullet!

Thank you for the feedback, that is true you can’t really see the bullets in a game, so these would be better for renders.

Even the best looking FPSes today just use textures or really simple meshes for bullets, because they move so fast and are so small. If you were doing some sort of extreme bullet time in a game, however, it might be neat to see bullets like this stopped in midair.

Out of curiosity, what’s the vertex count on these? You called them low poly but I would lean towards calling them high poly. Also, have you smoothed these, or is that an artifact of the rendering? If you haven’t smoothed them, I would use Set Smooth and then add an Edgesplit modifier.

Overall, they look pretty convincing. You should slap a reflective material on those armor piercing bullets, put a few in a row, then do an AO render.

The armor piercing one with the long casing is only 98 verts.

I went a little over kill with the civil war one to make it more smooth, it’s 12034, but still pretty low.

Are you sure those vertex counts are right? Do you have any modifiers applied (i.e. SubSurf)?

Make sure you’re in edit mode when checking the vertex count.

In edit mode it’s 1,504
and no sub serf

In response to your original post:
First of all, those are cartridges, not bullets. The bullet, shell, powder, primer make up the cartridge, which is what you have modeled here.
Secondly, the shell casing should be smooth.
Thirdly, the rim looks a little too wide. Check your reference pictures again.
Other than those simple things, they look quite accurate. You should add materials and textures, and put it in a cool scene with some nice DOF, as was said before, games would use something a lot lower poly, or just a flat plane with a texture and alpha.

TIL what I thought were bullets are actually cartridges.

They look great to me but seems rather pointless for a game as others have said. Would be awesome for a track shot of a bullet however like in the end of Wanted.
Thoguh the top left on your second post, the material looks like moss on a rock.