Two UV maps - Logo on top of painted texture

Hi all,

I hope I posted this in the right section of the forum, but it is a problem I really need to solve. I followed Blendercookie’s ‘rocket with a smoketrail’ tutorial and made a nice rocket, but problems started to arise when I tried to get a logo (a .png file with transparent background, with vertical ‘odysseus’ on it) on top of the normal rocket UV map/texture… It should be there on the front, without repeating itself.

I followed all the instructions (‘odysseus’ texture - type image or movie, selected the odysseus file - selected the odysseus UV map - in Mapping, selected UV coordinates with the odysseus UV map, premultiplied alpha, image mapping - extension: clip) but I see the logo with the rest of the rocket being rendered invisible.

It depends on what UV map I select in the Object Data settings: the odysseus logo or the rocket UV map. (see pictures:)

This texture should be visible under the logo (rendered with rocket UV map selected:

This is what happens when I render it with the ‘odysseus’ UV map selected:

Here are the settings I used:

Logo (odysseus) texture 1 and 2:

Rocket texture 1 and 2:

Object data:



I hope you guys can help me out with this one; I need to apply more logos on the rocket so if this works, I can just repeat the steps I took here.
If you need more settings to look at, just ask.

Thanks in advance, yours sincerely,



it looks like you have your alpha setting wrong. don’t always rely on tutorials for correct information. check the materials section of the blenderwiki for the correct alpha settings.