two uv maps?

I’m trying to texture map a pretty simple object. I’ve followed some tutorials and managed to uv unwrap and texture the face of my object. The png I’m using has some transparency info. So what I want to do next is map all the other texture points onto a small part of my png which is transparent. That way when I export into my rendering engine I have a complete set of meaningful texture coordinates.

So a couple of questions.

  1. My texture is black on transparent background, which means I can’t see it in the “uv image editor view” because it seems to be black on black… does it support transparency?

  2. How do I get two seperate mapping meshes displayed on the same image?

I’ve read quite a bit on the mapping process now, but obviously I’m still missing something. After I have mapped the first 8 faces I try and do an ‘invert selection’ then unwrap. But then I seem to lose my original mapping…

  1. yes - a little button in the uv window that looks like two triangles pointing at eachother.
    2)assuming that both imgaes using the same uv layout - just make another texture , load the image and asign it to the material using UV cordnation.
  1. thanks! now I can see the textures :slight_smile:
  2. I have a single .png image file and a single object mesh. I’ve mapped some of the faces from the mesh onto the png, using the unwrap option. Now I want to map all the other faces to a small region on the same png.

sorry if my terminology is not good, I’m just getting started :slight_smile:

so choose the other faces in edit mode (faceselect mode would make it easyer), unwrap them and do what ever you want to do in the uv window.