Two walls connected with the f key appears black when extruded

I wanted to try creating a door, so I tried by making two blocks for the wall, then highlighted the vertices and sorta “bridged” them with the f key

But when I extruded it, the bridge or plane that was created appears black and stands out in the two block’s colors.

So I tried adding textures on it and the extruded object that bridged the two walls is darker than the two walls.

Remove any faces inside the mesh
Remove any overlapping faces
Select all vertices and remove any duplicate vertices (W / remove doubles)
Select all faces and recalculate normals (Ctrl+N)

For some inexplicable reason you have also omitted to supply a link to your blend file so the above is a suggestion and may not be a specific solution in your case

Thank you so much, I tried the Ctrl + N and it did the trick, It’s funny though, I tried recreating the same problem but this time when I extruded it, the bridge part was fine.

Thank you so much, the Ctrl + N did the trick. It’s funny though, I tried recreating the problem but when I extruded the bridge part, it turned out okay like how I would extrude a plane. I have another question though but I understand if I need to ask this in another thread but is there a way of merging the entire top part? like the left top wall + bridged part + right top wall into one whole block? I wanted to do it so when I put the texture it will envelope it as a whole not 3 separate textures

But you haven’t included a blend file so we cannot tell 100% what your mesh is like or how you have applied a texture.

Oh thanks for all your help sir, I found a solution online where I would:

  1. Highlight a vertex
  2. Shift + S + 4(or pick Cursor to Selected)
  3. Highlight my middle vertex (the vertices from the bridged part)
  4. Alt + M + 2(or pick At Cursor)
    I managed to pull the center right vertex to the right vertex and pulled the center left vertex to the left vertex and it looks very clean now thanks again for helping