Two weeks to save the world ( and make a game)!

Hello dear Game Engine freaks
I’ve a two weeks vacation period, so… I decided to make ( and FINNISH) a game, an interactive work or…a thing!
In two weeks?! Yes ( its written in the title)!
I’ve just started, so…nothing to show…but I’m working on it!
I’ll use the marvellous Cray’s template, so must of the work its already done!
See you soon

Who made this guy a moderator…O.o??

Agree with Gudra, wtf?

lol. OTO has helped me out so much. i cant wait to see this! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU GOOD SIR!

Good Luck OTO, Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Gudra, Alle, OTO’s been around a while and is quite good (I’ve learned a nice bit from his tutorials)

I really wanna see some more work from you, OTO. Can’t wait to see something A bit rushed from you :stuck_out_tongue:

-Off topic- yeah why do people even have any objection to him being a mod? Hes not exactly a troll like Gudra…

Nice one OTO! :smiley:

I’d really like to see another game by you. I really enjoyed playing the one with the "Little OTO"s chasing you with guns.

It should be much easier for you this time around because of all the game engine improvements. :slight_smile:

I want to thank you all for your kind words!
I hope you like “rock’n’roll” because I’ve made one guitar:

I keep blending!

wow, thats a nice guitar! whats the poly count?

OTO! Good luck, can’t wait to see what happens, lol should be good :smiley:

hell yeah oto!!

Thank you blengine ( and the others) for the wild encouragement!

Well, the poly count of the guitar is around 1300 faces, but the player will have much more:

Keep blending!

Add a guitar amplifier:

Keep blending

I fail to see the fun in it…music you listen to…you don’t play it. The best music game ever is guitar hero, but that fails badly on the fun factor. And it’s 100% a retarded game…this. Why would anyone want to play as a fat american wanna be rock star? O.o

Also what is your target audience?

I’m pretty sure guitar hero is a fun game Gudra. I really just think you troll projects because you can’t do good stuff yourself.

Hi OTO, good to see you again! :slight_smile:
the game looks good!

Hello there would it be weird to ask if your game will be like guitar hero or brutal legends ?

@Maggolo - No, that’s not a weird question - I, too, want to know what kind of game this will be. Is it going to be an action game, or a music game? P.S. Good job, OTO - you’ve helped out a lot of people here on the forums. It’d be nice to see what you make.

Hello dear Game Engine addicts
thank you for the comments!
“what kind of game this will be”…well…good question! Me too, I would like to know!
I realize, that in, now, twelve days, It’ll be hard to save the world.
So, this corpulent lady will just try to set a musical scene, or something like that!
A kind of enigma/puzzle game, quite basic, due to poor skills!

I fail to see the fun in it…

For those that haven’t noticed OTO is funny and smart and doesn’t take anything overly seriously. A good way to be.