two WIP pics: the ghost and ninja

(d52477001) #1


check out this pic:

it was made for WC #17. it got no votes :smiley: . anyways, just want some constructive criticism.

And this one i call ‘The Ghost’:

Is there anyway to make the mist look better? it looks fine in the render window, but when i save it, the colours kind of become messed up :frowning: . More constructive criticism would be appreciated.



(SGT Squeaks) #2

I like the ghost one. I can’t really help you with your color problem but I think it looks great. And if it looks good with the colors wrong like you say then I can’t even imagine how good it will look with the right colors. For the ninja image. that looks good too, the only thing I would change is the composition, the composition is a little plain.

(BgDM) #3

The Ghost image is great! You are probably loosing some colours in the jpg compression in order to save it for web viewing. Has happended to me some times as well.

For the first one, I liked it, (and not trying to be an ass here), but there were better images in that contest than yours, (and mine too :wink: ). The wood seems a little too shiny and could have been worn a little more, (i.e. scratches, dents, etc.). The lighting could have been more moody instead of all bright within the room. You could have changed up the texture on the flag on the wall instead of repeating the same one. Just some suggestions.


(d52477001) #4

ok thanks. i’ll work a bit more on ‘ninja’ and bost an update soon…

(S68) #5

For the ninja, I find the wood not so bad, but certainly some more texturing in BgDM’s line could help.

I’m more concerned with floor tiles, which are very flat, and hence ugly, and wall posters, which are affected by a wave effect which is not nice for faking a cloth/wathever hanging froma wall.

Ghost is nice and moody, even if, technically, that looks more like a Wraith than a Gost :stuck_out_tongue:

Walls are very nice, torches are too sparkling and too yellow.

Mist is too blocky, you shuld place mist start and mist end further apart from each other and tweak the cloud texture.



(d52477001) #6

do you think that i should get rid of them completely?

Walls are very nice, torches are too sparkling and too yellow.

i think that this is because i have a dupliverted lamp to each spot. i’ll play around with the colour and add values a bit and see what happens.


(S68) #7

do you think that i should get rid of them completely?

Maybe using subsurf andmoving vertexes by hand would be better…

No, I’d rather think that the colour IPO affecting particle material doesn’t go to a nice smokish colour…