Twostroke racing pipe for scooter

Hi! This is my first cycles render. I always hated cycles because of the noise, but it can render metallic parts much more realistic, so I decided to try myself in cycles, and create a full racing exhaust for a yamaha scooter.

25 samples, 1152 x 720 px, 30~35 mins render time on CPU only (INTEL Core2Duo E4600)
It was a lot of time for me to figure out, how to do the weldings at the segments, and I thought, I can’t do a proper welding in blender, so, I did loopcut and extrude at every segment, to emulate a welded metal feeling.

I’m not much of a UV expert either, so, it’s all material only, no textures.
I did the bolts and nuts using BoltFactory.

Please share your thoughts, but don’t go harsh, I am a real noob:D

The inspiration: Yasuni C30

The result:


I just ran across this in a search… I know it’s been a few months but if your looking for some ‘weld beads’ go here …

go down about to half the page and thats where the discussion about making eays weld beads starts…

KickAzz pipe by the way…