tw's sketchbook thread.

Hey all,
After receiving my wacom today, and after tampering with it for a couple of hours, i decided to have a sketchbook on my beloved forum… I mean, Why not? That way you guys can see my progress( if there is any) of my shitty artistic capabilities… :eyebrowlift:

Heres my first one:

I’ll update when i have the chance, till then. Please comment and critique. :wink:

Another, first female sketch ever! I mean, i never draw females so it was kinda weird… but interesting. :yes:

Ummm yeah . . . ok. Sorry I’m at a loss of things to think.

Nice work so far! You’ve got a good innate sense of proportion(this is something I was and still am lacking haha), but its always good to do studies anyway :slight_smile: Find a few references and paint them, or sketch out the forms. This’ll help you get better with the wacom, as well as make you faster and more comfortable with the human form.

Great to see you hitting up the world of 2D, keep it up bro

Ok I got my words back. This is for the second image. I like the shading - you have put some considerable amount of thought as to where the light sources are and this really impacts the image nicely. Some of the features are exagerated, that draws the eye to the fantastic curves - “no straight lines on the body”. And despite the “sideways stance” of the model - the symetry of the body is adhered to. On the whole - good job!

free_ality: Thanks so much man, your work is great too! Nice blog btw ill be reading that alot, what’s the song you have on the side? I’m guessing a ratatat track?
Yeah i am lookin at references and i am feeling more comfortable with the wacom. Thanks for the tips.

kbot: Lol, i’m glad drew inspired you to critique my work. But thanks for the tips man!

Heres a new one:

The meaning behind the painting:

Evolution of man kind again prompts the world to adapt to new conditions. Genes have gone haywire, and now adapt to things that give the most emotion. Children who had birthday parties transform into hideous clowns and adults transform into horror movie characters. The human race exists no more.

(Eh, its a pretty convincing story for my first… :D)

Ok for the next one . . . maybe you can put a story behind this one please ? I’ve got a graphics tablet myself which at the moment is serving as my cat’s new favourite residing place when she can’t find my laptop to sit on. So in a way I am also learning from you too.

edited the post with a rather quickly thought story.

Haha, the story had me convinced :slight_smile:

I can tell you’re starting to understand how lights and darks imply form, and that’s good. Something to watch out for is somewhat random patches. Like, the light patches on the cheeks could be worked into actual cheek bones, but for the moment they arent doing much. However, the dark patch below the bottom lip is dead on, and gives an immediate sense of depth in that area. Little things that have a big effect on the overall feel.

I like the rim lighting around the face(very well done), now try experimenting with mroe drmatic lighting setups too. Make it very clear where teh strongest light is coming from. To help with lighting, just going around and seeing how light and shadows fall in the world around you can do wonders.

I’m pretty sure you know most of this, but just in case :slight_smile:

About the blog: Thanks man! Ratatat? I dunno what that is haha, its just a little somethign I put together during some free time on sunday, I’ll be updating it with new tracks as I make 'em.

Cant wait to see more, you’re doing great bro.

free_ality: Haha, thanks man, as a matter infact i didn’t know most of what you just taught me. :spin: And it’s amazing to me how you’ve never heard of ratatat, here are acouple playlists from them:

You have their style, and i listened to your tracks too, i’m digging it. Let me know if you can make me a couple cd’s man, instrumentals and also your singing thing, ill pay for them too.

Anyways here is another update:
I couldn’t think of a story to this, i guess it speaks for itself. And i’ve never had this much fun drawing women. :eyebrowlift:

Let me know what ya’ll think. Peace!

Another one, haven’t drawn in a few days, and even if i did i’d just scrap it. Back to pen and paper (pen because i feel its harder and doesn’t give you that urge to erase).

I’ve been getting into this whole female anatomy stuff, it’s pretty good for your mind, uhm, yeah mind. :eek:

No scanner so took some nice pictures lol:

hey thats some nice drawing. The best i can do is sticks lol

Hey, I’ve decided to learn to draw too!! I learn most stuff from books, and I’m working through Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. It’s an old classic, and I must say I’m impressed. Yesterday my drawing skills were almost non-existent. Check out my blog for what I produced today.

Really? well, i’ve been through something similar. My teacher and my art class spent a few weeks exploring the difference about using the right and left side of your brain to draw. Although i hardly listen in class, i think i remember it leading to better hand-eye coordination. Definetley improves drawing!
New pictures coming soon.