TWTWE the game: progress report

So I’ve actually been working on this game a while, but then had to stop for school I recently started up again and realized that I have been quiet for a loooong time, so I thought I would announce what I have so far of the game and what I have planned for the game in the future. Its truly not very much at the moment, tho.

The Way The World Ends (or TWTWE for short) was a very dumb comic I did in highschool and is still going to this day. Its bad, dont bother reading it. However, this was going to be a game based in the same universe as the comic. Its going to be a turn based RPG where all the characters are 2d animated while the enviroments are 3d. hope you enjoy it!

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That’s a really long acronym :slight_smile: It looks good so far.

Great Idea, I’ve enjoyed this graphics style. Keep going! :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words, guys! Yeah, I’m hoping to have a playable demo out soon. im at least 50% done with the battle system.

update number 2!

[What has been finished]

-have added a character select screen
-made by blueprintrandom

-can now have all 4 characters on screen at once

-overhauled the UI.
-added a bar for paradox (mana)
-redesigned how the menu works
-new buttons.
-new action gauge

-have added an enemy randomizer

-if randomizer loads in 0 enemies it just ends the battle

-nathan and the unnamed character are completely finished now

-all the programming and extra assets for rebecca are already in place. I just have to animate the actual character herself now

-misty will be the last main character I do before I start working on the rest of the demo

[what needs to be done]

-there is some kind of bug where nathan and the unnamed characters special attacks do now work properly. I cant find anything wrong with the programming, and it doesnt happen often enough for me to be able to figure out exactly whats causing it.

-doing rebecca’s sprites.

-doing the entirity of misty

-making backgrounds for the battles

-fixing up the character select cause that comes with its own problems

-overworld. All of it.

[in other news]

-comic. almost halfway done. no really.

-now have an page for the game!
will be public after this video is uploaded
does not have a playable game to download. sorry.

“The World of Theatrical Wrestling Entertainment” surely I’m not the only one that sees this??? lol
Anyhow lookin good! Keep it up!

Thank you! i have kept up with it and now… i have a brand new update!

-all 4 characters for the demo are complete
-little bit of bug fixing
-can now start working on the other aspects of the game.

Thank you all for the encouraging words. i am very happy with how this is turning out, and i hope i can continue to meet everyone’s expectations. ^^

Looking good! Can´t wait for the demo!

Stay motivated and keep it up man!

Cheers :slight_smile:

ey! man, you alive? yall went quiet on the skype and the watsapp. XD yall made any good progress on the game recently?

anyways putting that aside, NEW VIDEO! this is a kind of a video that explains what the game is and how it works

and for those of you wondering, the auditions for composers and voice actors are now live! the link below contains all the information and links necessary for the project!

UPDATE #4 finally getting somewhere in the mini demo.

TWTWE: ver. 3.0

Bug fixes:

  • fixed healing
    -animations are somewhat fixed, still go a little bit off rhythem
    -optimization and slowdown issues somewhat fixed and taken care of
    -menu not working has been fixed

to be fixed:

-rebecca’s mini game still needs to be fixed for 1 click instead of multiple
-enemy in the back sometimes loses all health for no reason
-background problems

plans for the future:
-release demo soon enough once i finish work on mini demo
-once demo is released I’m going to start working on phase 2

-voice actors
Jaise Gilbert - Nathan Sherman -
Jessica - Rebecca Sherman -
Anthony LoGatto - Geoffrey Murdock -
faketsuki - Misty -
alexa - Althea Pearson -

Anthony Breslin - old head composer, leaving after demo is released
Edwin Garcia - new head composer

none. at all.

Extra points:
-any donations will go towards paying these people, and towards working on content for the game. i will not be keeping any of the money earned.
-jin released his game, go check it out and support a friend! -

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Wow its been a long time. I’m sorry i went dark again. If im being honest, i havent been working on the game cause i’ve been focusing on school and making sure i do well. On the game front, im actually thinking of doing another update video, but for now, im going to upload this old rant i had. hopefully i can get some answers to help with fixing these bugs. thank you all for sticking with me so far. hopefully i can release a playable demo soon.

ALRIGHT so its been a while. thats my bad. but i got a new update. its a little more boring but explains whats been happening. also the private demo is currently rocking ver. 4.5!

-lowered the range of the switches so they dont acidentally change after activation
-changed some dungeon pieces to reduce chances of getting stuck via rng
-think i fixed the character select black screen problem
-fixed the flames and teleporter
-made the void under the IDD black
-put a little bit of time after the final cutscene to remind people there are 2 MORE QUESTS
-thanks to oby1 i have figured out how to at least slow down the black boxes
-added a floor tracker
-fixed a glitch in the menu

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Woow man this project is insane bro, iam really impressed at the way the demo is being handled really really awesome work here bro. (Its great to see yr progress having made it this far in to its development :smiley:)
Id suggest you stay motivated and keep killin it man u truly got this, All the best going forward buddy. :+1:


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thanks my dude! appreciate it! hoping the game will end up being good!

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The original plan was that I was not going to show the game off till I made the public demo. which was just chapter 1 of the game but with most of the side quests missing. private demo was a sort of giant proof of concept with the thought process that I can try out a whole bunch of ideas, and get feedback on what people like and what they dont, as well as stomp out most of the huge bugs early. This would, in turn, streamline the process for the rest of the real game cause I already have all the major pieces in place.

This means that other than with close friends, the private demo was never meant to be seen publicly. However, recently in a fit of madness I cast caution to the wind and threw out a download key on my twitter so whoever came across it could play the game. as well as releasing the game on other platforms when I knew for a fact, i would not be able to fix any bugs that came up as a result of that!

So while im just not giving a hoot, im extending the chance to play the private demo to all of you. the private demo is for the first time publicly available, and will last until may 18th. In which case I am bringing it back under the private banner. It’s a mess for sure, but I hope you all enjoy what is there so far and maybe get a good laugh out of some of the bugs you will encounter. There are no rules other than have fun!

Here is a link to the download:


Nice man :grinning:


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i didnt realize till recently but the most recent version of the game shipped with an error. for some reason itch decided to not include very necissary game files, which lead to the game having some very WEIRD AND UNSTABLE glitches. I reuploaded the missing files, so the game should (for the most part) work as intended. sorry for any confusion caused by this.