Txtinator - a text editor written in Python

This is my first program with wxPython (a Python GUI module), version 4.0 of a program I wrote a while ago when I was learning Tkinter (a slightly less nifty Python GUI module).
It’s a fairly simple plain-text editor, shown here with the Help menu opened:


It has all the basic features found in programs such as Notepad, but with a few extra nifty functions:

  • 1337-speak translation! Both ways!http://img267.imageshack.us/img267/5481/1337speaktranslatorzt1.jpg
  • Word and line counter - counts words and lines in the whole document or just a selection
  • Append function to allow you to insert another file into the current one
  • Helpful startup tips (which can be turned off if they annoy you:p)http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/6278/tipsnw3.jpg
  • Splash screen:D
  • Preferences dialog to customise how the program runs (very simple at the moment)http://img50.imageshack.us/img50/6203/preferencesiw8.jpg
  • Files can be printed
  • It show the time in the corner of the screen!
  • Spiffy toolbar for easy access to the main functions
  • Almost infinite undo/redo (it’s limited to 1000 steps, but it’s unlikely that’ll be a problem:P)
  • Search and search/replacehttp://img50.imageshack.us/img50/6110/searchreplacewb5.jpg

And possibly some other ones that I forgot.
Anyway, the Windows installer package is here (I promise there aren’t any viruses;)).
The source code can be found in all it’s 939-line glory here - it’s a zip as there are a few other files needed to run it. You’ll also need Python and wxPython installed.
Tell me if you find any bugs, although there shouldn’t be as I’ve done quite a lot of testing:yes:

Wow… 5mb for a text editor.

Must be the splash screen. :smiley:

Yeah, plus the icons, the text files and the megaton of HTML help files:p

Very cool :slight_smile:

not sure if you have a spell checker or not… here is one that runs from a commandline

love the l337 translation idea :slight_smile:

And thanks for the link to the spellchecker, I don’t actually have one at the moment so I’ll see if I can get that implemented in the next version (I just have to work out how to do that squiggly underline or something similar).
I also plan to put in print-preview, options for controlling undo in the Preferences window, print preview and new icons:D
BTW if anyone has an idea for a feature that I didn’t think of feel free to post it here:yes:

just another idea, somewhat overkill for a notepad, but, syntax highlighting for the non-l337?

Without syntax highlighting, I look at a page of python code and go totally cross eyed.

I almost forgot… I had to grab a msvcp71.dll from another place on my hard drive to get this to work for me.
I think normal 32 bit windows have this by default in their path. I have windows x64.
if it is possible you might want to distribute that .dll with it.

Its asking me for a password to download.

oh yeah I get that same… but I have it anyway…